God of Mercy and Sacrifice

imagesFather, in the Name of Jesus, by the Power of His Blood, and according to Your Living Word, we decree and declare that You are the God who is Merciful.

You are Favor and grant Your Favor to whom You choose. You are God of the Spotted and Speckled. You are the Prince of Peace who was prophesied by the Prophet Isaiah.

You are God who restores my soul. You are God and You tempt no one. You are a Friend of Sinners, and You are the God of Peace. You are God who weeps with those who weeps. You are He who speaks from a position of Mercy.

You are Long-suffering. You are Your Spirit, You are Gracious, and You are the Forgiver of all transgressors. You are the Manna which came down from heaven, and You are the Breath who gives me life. You are He who will not remember my sins.

You are the Beloved in the Song of Songs. You are God who stretches out Your hand, and You are the Liberty I seek through Your Spirit. You are ever Faithful. You are God in the midst of my Land. You are the Forgiver of iniquities, and You are abundant in Mercy.

You are the Altar of Peace for my fears. You are the Lord who makes wise the simple. You are God who is daily full of new Mercy. You are God of the poor and stranger. You are gentle and lowly in heart, and You are the Lord who exercises Lovingkindness.

imagesYou are God of Sacrifice, and You are the Christ. You are the Cup of the Blood, and You are the Eternal Sacrifice. You are the Blood that cleanses me from sin. You are the Crucified Messiah of Calvary.

You are my Righteousness, and You are the Yom Kippur Offering to expiate all sins. You are Worthy to Open and Read the Scroll, and You are Noah’s Ark in a world still filled with sin.

You are the Wind and the Bread, and You are Alive Forevermore. You are the Sprinkled Blood of the Lamb on the Doorposts of Israel. You are the Door to the Father, and You are the Lord who rescues those with a contrite spirit. 

You are God sent to be seen Face to Face, and You are He that left heaven for me. You are my Sanctification, You are the Blood Atonement, and You are God’s Only Son. You are eternally blind to what You have forgiven, and You are the Bread of Life broken for me.

You are He who blots out my transgressions, You are my Supplication, and You are the Pierced Messiah. You are the Keeper of the Keys of Hades and Death, and You are the God of my Salvation. You are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, You are outside the camp,You bid me to come to You, and You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

God of Mercy and Sacrifice is adapted in part from the Youtube Video entitled:

I Am 365 Names of God by John Paul Jackson which you can view by visiting this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuJIX5G2HCc