God of Justice and Promise

imagesFather, in the Name of Jesus, by the power of His Blood, and according to Your Living Word, we decree and declare that You are the God of Justice, and You are the Righteous Judge of all creation.

You are the King of Kings, and You are with the generation of the righteous. You are God and Your statutes rejoice the heart. You are the One who makes unbreakable covenants with man.

You are Holy, Pure and Undefiled. You are God and there are no other gods besides You. You are God by which all actions are made. You are God and Your testimony is sure. You are God, and Your commandments enlighten the eyes. You are the witness on my behalf. You are Righteous and kings humble themselves before You. You are God whose eyelids test the sons of men.

You are the Spirit of Wisdom. You are Your ordinances, and You are the Divine Judge of all things. You are the Law, and Your statutes, and we are to walk in them. You are the Judge of the living and the dead.

You are the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. You are Righteous and You are perfect in Your knowledge. You are before whom every tongue will confess. You are the Lord who loves righteousness. You are the unbiased, impartial Judge.

You are the Lord and Your judgments are righteous altogether. You are He who sent Moses to deliver Israel. You are God and no one else can reverse Your acts. You are He who is to be feared above all gods. You are God who refines me. You are Your judgments and You are the Lord who heals me.

imagesYou are the God of Promise, You are returning. You are God and I want to believe in You. You are God who places my tears in Your bottle in Your Book. You are God who shows me things to come. 

You are the Seven Spirits and They are You. You are the Lord, and the (reverential) fear of You is a Fountain of Life. You are Your secrets, and Your secrets are with those who fear You. You are Life’s Guarantor of life and health. You are God who will be found by those who seek You with all their heart and soul.

You are who blesses me, and You are He who leads me in the path of righteousness. You are the Architect of the Last Days.You are the sole key giver of heaven. You are the God who hears those who speak about Your Name.

You are God who leads me to prophesy. You are the soon coming King. You are the Lord and You change not. You are always with me wherever I am. You are the God who speaks through dreams. You are God who reveals His form. You are the healing I seek.

You are the Savior who will descend on the Mount of Olives. You are God who gives me visions. You are God of those who are growing old, and You are coming quickly. You are the One who is coming on the white horse. You are the soon rendering of the heavens. You are the precision of Your Scripture and You are waiting for me. 

God of Justice & Promise is adapted in part from the Youtube Video entitled: I Am 365 Names of God by John Paul Jackson which you can view by visiting this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuJIX5G2HCc