God The Ancient One


You are God the Ancient One. You are God of our forefathers, Abraham, Issac and Jacob. You are the Holy Spirit who hovered over the chaos of the earth.

You are the Light of Genesis that was before light was. You are the Sacred Shema of the Ancients. You are the Holy One of Israel, and You are the One whose ways are Perfect.

You are the God who dwells in the Holy of Holies, You are the God of Perfect Knowledge, Perfect in Your Presence, and  Perfect in Your Power. You are the Lord who is seated upon the Throne, and You are alive forevermore. You are God who formed the earth to be inhabited. You are understanding, and You are God who is joined to the eunuch.

You are God of all the holy prophets in Scripture. You are God who divided the Red Sea into parts, and You are the Lord of the Dance. You are the Lord and You change not. You are the Guiding Star at Jesus’ birth.

You are God who turns water into wine, and You are the Shepherd of whom all the prophets foretold. You are the Root and the offspring of David, and You are God who leads us into all truth. You are God whose Rainbow is Your Everlasting Covenant with us.

You are the Root of Jesse, and the God of Jerusalem wherein is Your Name (HaShem). You are the Creator of Israel and all the ends of the earth. You are God who divided the waters, and You are the Fountain of the House of David.

You are God who shuts up the heavens, and You are God who turns water into blood, and You are married to both Israel and the backslider, and for this we will not fail to give you the praise and glory both now and forever more, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

God the Shepherd and Ancient One is adapted in part from the Youtube Video entitled: I Am 365 Names of God by John Paul Jackson which you can view by visiting this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuJIX5G2HCc