Apr 09: China, People’s Republic, Hainan Province, Hebei Province



Answer to Prayer

The faith and commitment of Christians under what may have been the harshest and most widespread persecution of the Church in all history. Persecution and suffering refined the Church and shaped it to withstand successive waves of repression and government efforts to weaken or destroy it. God, powerfully working through the unwitting atheist rulers of China, cleared spiritual roadblocks for the advancement of Christianity through Mao Zedong; freed up the economy and gave more freedom to Christians through Deng; and, through Hu Jintao, God guided China to new levels of interconnectedness with the rest of the world, strengthening the link between the Chinese Church and the worldwide body of Christ.

Hainan Province : China

Challenge for Prayer

Hainan’s subtropical climate and pristine environment have turned it into a booming economy focused on tourism. This is rapidly transforming a formerly sleepy island, attracting many well-heeled mainlanders, but also raising costs to beyond what many locals can afford. This bubble has already burst once. Pray against Hainan becoming an island of hedonism and iniquity for the super-wealthy; pray also that the opening up of the island might bring a greater degree of freedom to evangelize this once-frontier area.

Hebei Province: China

Challenge for Prayer

Hebei is the heart of Catholicism in China with a large proportion of Catholics. Many remain loyal to the Vatican. They have suffered severely, since they do not submit to state control, but they also continue to grow. Pray for a healthy and helpful relationship between the state-church mechanisms (CPA, TSPM) and their unregistered counterparts.