Prayer 4: Refugees in Kenya

imgresFather God, in the Name of Jesus, by the power of His blood and according to Your Living Word, we are asking forgiveness on behalf of the Kenyan government who demanded that those who have found shelter in the Somali refugee camp located in its territory must leave, because are reacting to an assumption concerning the terrorists who massacred 147 Somali students in the north of the country, may have used the refugee camp as base of operations.

Father, we also stand in the gap for those are innocent refugees who are caught in the middle of all this and yet have done nothing to deserve the type of treatment that the Kenyan government wants to impose on them. Father, Your Living Word decrees and declares that presume or assume is the same as being full of pride.

Father, we ask that You would burn the spirit of pride which blinds and hardens the heart of men towards the innocent and fragile ones who are at the mercy of those who You hold responsible for the safety of those refugees who were once welcomed to seek refuge in their land.

Father, we now ask You to despatch angels on assignment to expose and to deal with those territorial spirits who endanger those innocent ones who reside in the refugee camps of Kenya in Jesus’ Name. We ask for Your divine protection for them, and that You would do  a turnaround on their behalf.

Father, we pray that you would give the leaders of Kenya a heart of tenderness towards those who no choice of their own must needs be a refugee in their nation through no fault of their own. We ask for justice with equity to prevail on behalf of those who find themselves in the middle of all this mess, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.