Beware of Hopper and Popper

imagesRound and round the Mulberry Bush, Kangaroo hopped and hopped after Weasel, As Weasel popped in and as while Weasel popped out, all Kangaroo could do was to hop and hop after Weasel.

Interpretation …

Mulberry Bush … The Saints

Kangaroo and Weasel … A Husband and Wife Team

The Mulberry Bush represents the patience of the saints with their brothers and sisters who have an agenda to either promote their own gift or by seeking a position within a fellowship.

The Kangaroo represents a church hopper who just goes along with the Weasel who pops in and pops out of different churches waiting for a golden opportunity to put their gift on display.

Kangaroo supports Weasel’s vision, and Weasel is fine with that as long as he or she is in control. Weasel is friendly, or at least appears to be. Both Kangaroo and Hopper have good intentions, but beware, because Hopper along with Popper have an agenda, and all is not what it seems to be.

Warning: Popper will scheme to have his own way, and Hopper will be to blind to see or too deaf to hear, because you see, Hopper believes in Popper’s dream, but is Hopper aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

The saying is: “If it’s too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.” Another saying is: “When in doubt leave it out, then leave it out!”

Bewared of church poppers who pop in and out. They seem all nice at first, will weave their way in and out, will make their way to the Pastors to make themselves known, and before we know what has happened, boom! there’s an eruption, and if it’s not nipped in the bud in time, someone will have a fire to put out.

Saints, please be praying for your leaders, those who are on staff, and your congregations. There are too many hoppers and poppers going around appearing to be what they are not. Do watch and pray, and ask God to help you see and discern.

Heed the Living Word of the Living God:

Proverbs 6:16-19:

“Take note, there are six things the Eternal hates; no, make it seven He abhorsEyes that look down on others, a tongue that can’t be trusted, hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that conceives evil plans, feet that sprint toward evil, A false witness who breathes out lies, and anyone who stirs up trouble among the faithful.” 

Will you take up the challenge to answer the call to watch and pray, so that God’s agenda will prevail within the walls of His Church? Think and ponder upon these things that are taking place within the Church today …  God bless you 🙂

Unless otherwise stated all Scripture is quoted from “The Voice” version of the Bible.

The Voice (VOICE)

The Voice Bible Copyright © 2012 Thomas Nelson, Inc. The Voice™ translation © 2012 Ecclesia Bible Society All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Beware of Hopper and Popper

  1. A very beautiful awesome sharing and actually what is happening in churches now . beware of such people and pray be guided by the Holy Spirit. as in Isaiah 60/19 -20“The sun shall no longer be your light by day,
    Nor for brightness shall the moon give light to you;
    But the Lord will be to you an everlasting light,
    And your God your glory.
    20 Your sun shall no longer go down,
    Nor shall your moon withdraw itself;
    For the Lord will be your everlasting light,
    And the days of your mourning shall be ended.

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    1. Amen Mother … Scripture tells us to be quick to Listen, but slow to speak which means the ability to see and discern what is not being verbally spoken, because this type of gift can only come by the Spirit of God … the gift is called discernment …bless Jesus ❤

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