Praying for Nepal

imgresFather, in the Name of Jesus, by the power of His Blood and according to Your Living Word, we lift up the Nation of Nepal to You in their hour of need. Lord, we thank You first of all for all those who will respond to the need of Nepal during this critical time. Lord, we mourn with and for those families who have lost loved ones due to the massive earthquake that has shook the nation of Nepal. Father, we ask that You give them the wisdom in their rescue attempts to save lives ever being mindful Lord that they too need Your divine protection as they do so.

Father we ask You to despatch Your angelic warriors Lord to keep watch as You speak and instruct them what to do to assist in clearing the path for those who are on the frontlines as they go into the debris and unknown areas where danger could be lurking. We ask You to comfort those families who have lost loved ones or while they are still waiting upon news on the whereabout or the safety of those who are nearest and dearest to their heart  both locally and abroad.

Father, we pray for those doctors, nurses and others in the medical field and nations who will volunteer to assist Nepal during their time of need. Father, we pray that we Your people who are called by Your Name will pray and seek Your face in the Name of Jesus asking You Father to forgive us for our misdeeds and repent, so that our prayers will have a positive effect within the Nation of Nepal, so You can heal, set free and deliver souls who need a healing touch from You.

Father, we pray every need will be supplied spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally to everyone involved. We pray for the provision of medical supplies, food, shelter and clothing will be ample to meet the needs for those living in the Nation of Nepal. Finally Father, we pray that Your peace and calm will dispel any fear or trauma they are experiencing right now in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.