The Life that Shines

imagesAn introduction to the book written by Randall J. Brewer entitled: “Born to Love, Called to Serve. Won’t you help me to help Randall’s vision to freely share the good news of the Gospel through His writings … Enjoy!

Randall writes:

I love the morning hours. The crack of dawn is by far my favorite time of day and I am truly an “early to bed, early to rise” type of person.

The morning dew brings a freshness to the air like no other time of day and countless chirping birds create a rhythmic sound I call “nature’s symphony.”

Everything else is peaceful and still, and a sense of tranquility is all around. I call this “heaven on earth.” Recently, as the first rays of the rising sun cast its radiant light across my freshly cut lawn, I saw something spectacular that left me mesmerized in its wake.

The dew on a single blade of grass caught hold of one of these shining rays of light and sparkled brilliantly like a perfectly cut diamond. Oh, the splendor of that moment.

No other piece of grass was affected by this phenomenon, and this simple blade of grass stood out all by itself. As I watched this natural wonder, I heard the Lord tell me that this is how believers are supposed to stand out in a world of darkness.

This is what it means to “let your light shine.”  1 This single blade did not shine on its own but was a reflection of a higher source of power and energy.

And just as that green blade of grass needed the morning dew to sparkle, so we also need the “washing of the water of the Word” 2 to reflect the goodness and the glory of the great God of the universe.

This is how we become a witness for Jesus Christ. This is how we fulfill the Lord’s command to “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

3 My deepest prayer is may it be in my life as it was with that single, shining blade of grass. Lord, make it so.

Randall J. Brewer

Permission has been given by to author to share with you and I have given Him my word that I will direct you back to his site, so you too can be blessed by his writings …

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