The Healing Leaves

Revelation 22:1-3 from the Voice Bible reads as follows:       “John had never seen a city without a temple. In fact, every city John ever entered had many temples dedicated to many gods—all, of course, except Jerusalem, which only had one temple. But now in his vision, he sees a different kind of city, the holy city, the new Jerusalem” (The Voice).

“As he looks around its streets of gold and magnificent buildings, he sees no temple reaching into the sky. No temple is needed in this city because God and the Lamb live with them, constantly in view. Their throne sits prominently in the city. Their light forever illumines its streets and citizens” (The Voice).

1. My heavenly guide brought me to the river of pure living waters, shimmering as brilliantly as crystal. It flowed out from the throne of God and of the Lamb,

flowing down the middle and dividing the street of the holy city. On each bank of the river stood the tree of life, firmly planted, bearing twelve kinds of fruit and producing its sweet crop every month throughout the year. And the soothing leaves that grew on the tree of life provided precious healing for the nations.

“Fed by a crystal clear river is the tree of life. In the beginning, Adam and Eve were prevented from eating from the tree once they were expelled from the garden of Eden. Divine creatures and a flaming sword then stood guard at the entrance to the garden (Genesis 3:24). Now the tree of life returns to the story, a single tree situated on both sides of the river. No one is denied access to its luscious fruit and healing leaves” (The Voice).

No one or nothing will labor under any curse any longer. And the throne of God and of the Lamb will sitprominently in the city. God’s servants will continually serve and worship Him.

They will be able to look upon His face, and His name will be written on their foreheads.

Darkness will never again fall on this city. They will not require the light of a lamp or of the sun because the Lord God will be their illumination.By His light, they will reign throughout the ages.

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