Praying the Psalms: Psalm 4

Image result for Psalm 4Father God, we praise and worship You, and because of who You are, we choose by our own free to exalt and magnify Your Name. You are God and God all by Yourself. There is no God before, during or coming after You, simply because You are the One and Only, True and Living God who demonstrates Your mercy and truth to us who love and worship You, because of who You are.

Father God, we thank You that we can bring our petitions and needs before Your Holy Throne. We thank You, Father, that You are our God who answers our prayers. Thank You, Father, that when we come to You, You will rescue and deliver us from our enemies. Thank You, Father, that You hide us under Your wings, and at the same time we experience victory, and not defeat, because we choose to place our trust in You.

Father, we thank You for admonishing us not to shut our eyes if we are angry, because our anger will and can cause us to sin. Help us to make our peace whenever possible before a new dawn Father, but if not, we ask for Your grace to keep us calm until we can make things right with whomever it is we need to make our peace with.

Father, we pray You will help to become those living sacrifices of righteousness which can only become a pure sacrifice by the atoning blood through Your Son, Jesus Christ, because we only stand complete in Christ through the Righteousness of Christ alone. Father God, we place our hope and trust in You knowing that You have a plan and a purpose to give us a new hope with a new future which goes way beyond anything we can begin to ever imagine or understand.

Father, we ask You to shine Your Face upon and grant us Your favor with peace as we place ourselves in Your divine hands to guide and lead us in the way we should go to fulfill purpose and destiny which You have destined for us to fulfill for Your glory. Thank You Father that in Your presence we experience fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore. There is no place in this world where we would rather be Lord God, because we know that it’s in Your presence where we need to be.

Thank You Father that it is in your presence where we can rest assured that our sleep will be sweet. Thank You Father that we will only find our peace and solace in You when we choose by our own free will to seek Your face, and request You to put the searchlight on us to see where we need to make things right with You. Thank You Father that it is reassuring to know You are our God who keeps all commitments and promises and for this we will not fail to give you the praise and the glory in Jesus’ Might Name we pray, Amen.