Praying the Psalms: Psalm 5 | A Reflection

 Image result for Psalm 5“The various psalms reflect nearly every human emotion: unbridled joy, deep-seated jealousy, seething anger, hope, and depression. These are only a few of the emotions behind the poetry we hear expressed in individual psalms. Feelings and emotions are central to what it means to be human” (The Voice Commentary).

“We cannot escape them nor should we. Psalms invites us to take the emotions we feel and bring them before God. This book models how to come before God in times of sadness, brokenness, and joy” (The Voice Commentary)

Psalm 5 is a cry for help and a plea for guidance by a person who suffered at the hands of an enemy. It talks about the morning as the time to pray and listen for God to answer. Like many laments, it begins with a cry but ends in confidence” (The Voice Commentary). 

Praying Psalm 5:

Father, we thank You that when we come to Your throne room of mercy and grace that You bend Your ear to us and listen to our words. Father, we ask you to hear the deep cries of our hearts, and we seek Your face and ask You to listen to our calls for help. Father, You alone are worthy of our praise and worship, and it is to You, O Lord we turn to through prayer.

You are our King and only True and Wise God, and early in the morning will we lift up our heads towards the heavens to seek You, and in seeking You, we know You will hear and listen to our voices. Early in the morning will we arise O Lord to seek Your face through prayer and with great expectation we wait on You for to answer us.

Father, You are not a God who smiles at sin; and neither can You abide with evil.  Lord the proud will not stand before You in Your presence because You hate all who pervert and destroy what is good. Lord, You destroy those with lying lips because You detests those who murder and deceive.

Father, we are standing in the gap for those who find themselves being held captive to do the will of the evil ones to pervert, and destroy what is good through lying lips that murder and deceive.

We ask Lord that You extend Your hand of mercy and grace towards those souls who are seeking a way of escape concerning situations that they find themselves in, some deliberately, but some were totally unaware of the dangers that lurked behind the scenes due to lying lips and deceitful tongues.

Father, we are not making any excuses for any who find themselves being held captive as a prisoner in their own minds due to the darkness that clouds their ability to see and hear the truth.

Father, we are asking for a Damascus experience for the captives who are being held in bondage by Satan and his cohorts, so they too can have their eyes opened from darkness to the the light and be rescued from out of the power of Satan by turning to God while it is yet called day.

Father, we ask this for them, because we too were in a similar situations and were among those souls who needed to be rescued from out of the clutches of the evil. Just as we needed Jesus when to save us from ourselves, and we still need Jesus today.

Father we ask You to make a way of escape on behalf of those souls who need Jesus in their lives, so they too can say that it is by Your loving grace that we are welcomed into Your house. Help us to humble ourselves before You as we turn our faces upwards to look unto to You who is the Author and Finisher of our Salvation.

Teach us thy ways, O Lord, and leads us in the path of Your righteousness for Your Name’s sake. Search and try us Lord, and see if there is any wickedness deep within our hearts. Shine Your searchlight upon us Lord, because the ways of man are futile.

Father, it is in Your house where we can find safety and protection, and it is only in Your presence will we ever experience the fullness of joy. Let mirth and gladness be heard on our streets, in our homes and in our nations. May we, as Your people, be a refuge to the poor and needy where their cities will be a safe place to dwell in.

Father, we thank You for being the source of our strength and the life and length of our days. We thank You Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit for loving us so much that You want us to be there in heaven with You for all eternity. Thank You Father that you supply and know our every need before we ask.

Help us to walk upright and holy before You, and in turn You will surround us like a shield, and for this we will not fail to give You the praise and glory, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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