Praying Through Psalms | Psalms 135, 137 -139

imagesWe will praise You, O God, with all of our hearts, with all of our souls, with all of our minds, and with all of our strength. We will bow down and worship Your Holy Name. Lord, we will enter into Your gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, and we will enter into Your courts with praise under the protection of the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who shed His Blood for me.

Lord, we thank You for shedding Your Precious Blood that we may enter into the Holy of Holies to approach our Father by wearing the garment of humility under the covering of Your Blood. Father, we thank You that You chose us before the foundations of the earth were created in Jesus’ Name.

Father, You are perfect in Your power and because all power belongs to You, who are those who think they can replace ‘self’ as being ‘god.’ Father, to place ‘self’ on a pedestal is idolatry is a sin against You and against heaven, and I ask You to forgive us in Jesus’ Name.

Father God, You are the Creator of heaven and earth, by whom all things consist and are being held together by Your mighty hand. Father God, cause us as Your people to look to You who is the Author and Finisher of our faith. Father God, it is through Your Son Jesus alone that we may enter into Your holy presence.

Thank You, Father, that through Jesus alone, we have an eternal inheritance by Your free gift of Grace through faith in Christ Jesus who is the One and Only Begotten Son who was born of the Virgin. He was crucified, died, was buried and bodily rose on the third that by the Ressurection power of Your Holy Spirit.

Father, just as You gave Israel their land as an inheritance forever, so, through Jesus our eternal inheritance through Him is forever. Father, You are Jehovah Olam, and You are from everlasting to everlasting through every generation right up to this present day. You are Supreme Judge, You are Sovereign and do not come under the authority of anyone who lives upon the face of this earth.

Father, forgive us when we grow weary in well doing thus negating the fact our reward in heaven is more than anything on this earth can or ever will have to offer. Forgive us Lord, when we hang our harps on the willow tree by having a pity party instead of looking unto the bigness of You who is our God. Forgive us Lord, when we allow our circumstances to over-ride our faith.

Father, we are asking You to remember that we are still pilgrims who are making our way back home to You. Father, we are still striving for that perfection which Jesus spoke about in Matthew 5:48 and Philippians 4:8. Although we are in this world Lord, we are not of this world, so we ask You that by Your Spirit, You will strengthen and enable us during our times of weakness.

 Help us Lord God, not to look back at the past, but to keep on pressing forward by Your mighty hand that we may know the hope of Your calling and the richness of Your inheritance in the saints. Help us, O God, to forgive our enemies as Christ forgave us when He took the responsibility of our sins upon His shoulders at Calvary.

Father God, we freely by our own free will choose to praise You right in the midst of being tried and tested. It won’t be easy Lord, we admit that, but with You Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit what foe is there that can come against us thinking they have the upper hand by being greater in number.

Father, You take the “foolish things of this world to confound the wise by choosing the weak things of this world to confound the mighty” (1 Corinthians 1:27, 28). Thank You, Father, that when we call out to You in desperation, that You will arise to protect us from our enemies thus completing the work You started in us. Father, we thank You because Your Word concerning us as Your children is forever settled in heaven,

Lord God Almighty, we thank You that You know everything about us, right down to the smallest detail. Lord, You know every thought, motive, intent, and every action of the heart before we even breathe our next breath. Lord, there is nothing that can remain secret or hidden from You because You can hear and see all things supernaturally before they appear in the natural.

Father God, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit where is there that we can hide from Your presence. Whether we exist in heaven, earth or hell, there is no escaping Your presence. Father God, You created, fashioned and formed us in the womb even before our mothers knew we were there, so how can we as humans begin to possibly think that we can hide anything from You.

Lord, it is by Your wisdom that the foundations of the earth were formed. You spoke and they were created. It was by Your understanding that You established the heavens and by Your knowledge alone that the deeps were broken, and then the water separated in order that dry land will appear, and the clouds dropped down their dew (Proverbs 3).

Lord, everything concerning us is written in the volume of Your book concerning us, so there is no hiding or escaping from Your presence.

So, Father, we are asking You in Jesus’ Name to forgive our enemies who slaughter us as sheep who are counted worthy to be physically killed for the cause of Christ. Father, Jesus instructed us to bless our enemise instead of cursing them, so I pray that we will heed the Voice of Your Word to forgive others in order that we may be forgiven.

Now, Father, we ask You to put the spotlight on our hearts, so that the Light can shine upon the deepest crevices of our hearts to expose anything that is not of You. Help us Lord to see ourselves as You see us, and in doing so, we will have Your compassion that is needed to see others as You would see them, and not as we would like to see them.

Try us and test us, O God, and see if there is anything that is not of You which is trying to hide itself from the Ligth of Your presence. Father, if there is one thing we know, and it is this; nothing that You have not planted within us can remain.

We admit Father, that we have failed at times, but we who are covered with the blood of Christ must allow His Blood to expose every sin that is still deep within our hearts. Father, it is only the Blood of Jesus that can cleanse us from every iniquity, and we ask You to expose sin for what it is, sin, and help us to sumbit, to confess and to repent, and in doing so, we too will be forgiven.

And for this Father, we will not fail to give You the Praise and the Glory in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.