Flowering Tobacco Plant

“Gardening is not for wimps. … ” I totally can agree with that 🙂

God as a Gardener

1-DSC07130Never have I read in the Bible that ancient near east people smoked tobacco; however, I’m including the flowering tobacco plant (Nicotianium, cultivar Crimson Bedder) in God as a Gardener because the plant is beautiful. The leaves are a shiny dark green and the flower is breath taking. The flowering tobacco is a sub-tropical plant and in Virginia grows as an annual. These pictures were taken inside at the Washington DC Botannic Garden in June, 2015.

Depending on the cultivar you purchase, flowering tobacco plants will grow between 6-8 inches to 5 feet tall. Flowers grow on slender stems and look good when they are planted in mass. They can be grown in pots. The flowering tobacco plant grows best in partial shade to sun. While they like lots of water, they do not like soggy soil.1-DSC07129

Tobacco plants are grown for their color and fragrance. Humming birds are attracted…

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Praying Through Psalms | 105 – 109

Image result for PsalmsFather, in the Name of Jesus and according to Your living Word, we come to give you thanks and to magnify Your Name throughout the nations of the earth. Father, we praise you and we will tell of Your wondrous deeds to all who would heed Your Word.

Father, You are the True and Living God and You are just in all Your ways. You are God who keeps Your covenant promises, and You remember Your Word which you have spoken to a thousand generations. You made a covenant with Abraham, You sworn an oath to Isaac and confirmed it with Jacob when You said, “I will give you the land of Canaan as your part; it will be your inheritance.”

Father, Your people were a small nation and became strangers in foreign lands as they roamed in the desert places trusting You to protect them from their enemies. You warned kings not to touch those whom You have appointed and not to harm Your prophets.

Your servant Joseph was tried and tested and You proved him worthy to rule in the royal household of Egypt, and favor was granted because of who You are to rule as second of command throughout the whole land. However, after Joseph died, Your people were sorely afflicted, and You sent them a deliverer by the Name of Moses with Aaron who was to accompany him to speak to Pharoah.

Father, you sent signs and wonders, plagues were rampant throughout the land, but Pharoah would not let Your people go.

Father, after having to kill the firstborn son of every Egyptian family, including Pharoah, Your people were finally freed to leave Egypt. The Egyptians were only too willing to give Your people all manner of spoil because they wanted them out of their land.

Father, You sent a cloud to cool Your people in the day and a pillar of fire to warm them in the night. You supplied them everything they needed, but yet they still murmured and complained thus provoking Your hand against them. Father, You  were ready to destroy them, but You remembered Your covenant with Abraham.

Father, it was according to Your good pleasure and the keeping of Your promises alone that enabled the chosen generation to cross over to the other side, and this is why we as Your people should give You all the praise and glory that is due Your Holy Name alone.

Father, we thank You for those who stood upright before You during their desert experiences, especially Phinehas who stood in the gap for the people, otherwise You would have destroyed them. Father, when Your people cried out to You, and You were faithful to deliver them from their afflictions. Then, they would bless and praise Your Holy Name, not because of who You are, but because they needed something from You.

Father, it is You who transforms wild, flowing rivers into dry, lonely deserts, lively springs of water into a dry and thirsty ground. It is You who turns lush gardens into lifeless wastelands and transforms a dry, lonely desert into pools of living waters and parched ground into lively springs.

Father, when Your people went through suffering persecution, and brokenheartedness through leaders who had nothing but contempt for Your chosen nation; Father, it was You who rose up on behalf of Your people and dealt with those nations accordingly.

Father, my heart cries out to you and I will sing of Your praises about Your goodness and Your great love that You have for us as Your people. With a greatful heart I come to You, O my God, for You are my God, and I will bless Your Holy Name in front of the great congregation in Your house without any shame or pretence on my part.

Father, we pray that You would be lifted up above the heavens in the hearts of Your people until the whole earth knows Your glory as the waters cover the seas. Father, we ask You to reach down and rescue those whom You love and pull us to safety by Your mighty right hand. Thus says the Lord”

“I will celebrate. I will allocate Shechem and the Succoth Valley to My people. Gilead belongs to Me, and so does Manasseh; Ephraim is the helmet that protects My head; Judah is the scepter through which I rule; Moab is the washpot in which I clean Myself; I will throw My shoe over Edom in conquestPhilistia will soon hear My victory shout,” says the Lord.

So, Father, we will give You the praise and the glory, because it is only through You alone that we will obtain the victory. Thank You, Father, that the Battle is the Lord’s and we can trust You to perform all that You said You would do on our behalf, and for this we will not fail to give You the praise and the glory, in Jesus’ might Name we pray, Amen.