Praying Through Psalms | 110 – 116

Image result for PsalmsFather, we thank You that You who is the Lord our said to our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ that He was to sit here Your right hand, in the place of honor and power, and You will gather His enemies together, and lead them in on hands and knees; and He will rest His feet on their backs.”

Father in heaven, we thank You that just as You make Jesus’ enemies as a part of His footstool, so You will make our enemies a part of His footstool as well. Thank You Father God that our Lord, Savior. Master and God will rule and reign throughout the nations for He is our Great High Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.

Father, we thank You that we can enter through the Gate called Righteousness to praise and worship You for who You are. Father, the heavens, and all nature declareYour magnificence as a signs and wonders to those who are created in Your image and likeness.

Father, we thank You for Your mercy and goodness, and we thank You for Your compassion that You show to us as Your people day in and day out. From morning to night, O God, You alone are worthy of all the praise and the worship regardless of our circumstances because You have all things concerning us in the palm of Your mighty hands.

Father, we thank You that justice and truth will always prevail and that no weapon deceitfully formed against will prosper. You are God all by Yourself, and all Your promises are “yes and Amen.” Father, Your Word is Your Word and thought You may change Your mind about a matter, Your laws and ordinances will always remain the same.

Father, it is You who have redeemed us, and for that we will be eternally grateful. Father, we thank You for Your Word instructs us that to have a reverential fear of You because of who You are and who we are not is wisdom.

You are our Creator and we are Your created, so, therefore, when we come to worship You in the beauty of holiness, we acknowledge that we understand You are God our Creator.

Father, we thank You, that since we worship and adore You for who You are, that future generations to come concerning our bloodlines will prosper and be in health as their souls prosper. Thank You Father that we shall not want or lack for any good things for since You are for us, who is there that can be against us?

Father, we thank that from sunrise to sunset You are still God and Your Name is to be praised. Father, we thank You that You sit in the heavens and behold the evil and the good. You see and know everything, and nothing shall be able to hide from Your presence.

Father, You sent Jesus to be the Light of the World, and where the Light is, darkness has no choice but to flee. So, we thank You that You care for the poor and the needy and that by Your mighty hands every need shall be supplied.

Father, although we may not see the results when we would like, we believe without a doubt that in Your timing all things will come to pass by Your mercy and grace.

Father, we thank You that Your Name, Ha Shem is written in Jerusalem and that Jesus will rule and reign from the Holy City in due time and season. Thank You Father that the set time to favor Zion is now. Thank You Father that the seas roar at the sound of Your voice, the volcanoes explodes and the earth quakes at Your very presence.

Father, we thank You that all idols created by the hands of men will be destroyed by Your mighty hand. Lord God, we choose to trust You, to walk humbly and upright before You because we believe You are an ever-present help in times of trouble.

Father, we thank You that since we choose to place our trust in You, and that since we honor You as our Father that as Your children we will prosper and live a long life on the earth. Father, we thank You for blessing us, so that in turn, we can become a blessing to others.

Father, we thank You for her our cries of desperation, and that in Your timing You will answer our requests as You choose fit to answer. Father, we thank You that You will provide our need before supplying us with our wants, and for that we give You all the praise and the glory.

Father, we thank You that You are our rescuer, our Deliverer, our Savior, and Master who came to set us free. Father, we thank You that as we draw near to You that You will draw near to us. Father, we appreciate everything You are doing for us, and we ask You to forgive us when we take You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for granted.

Help us as Your children Father to be aware of Your presence daily. Teach us, O Lord, Your ways and we will keep and obey You in all that You instruct us to do, and for this we will not fail to give You the praise and the glory, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.