Praying Through Psalms | 6 – 9

 Image result for Praying PsalmsFather, in the Name of Jesus and by Your Mercy and Grace, I ask you not in Your anger to discipline or chasten us in Your hot displeasure. Have mercy upon us and be gracious to us, and remember, O Lord, that our individual spirit being is willing, but our flesh is weak.

Father, according as it is written in 3 John verse 2, that You desire we prosper and be in health as our souls prosper. And we come to You, Father, that we are in need of a healing touch from You, in our individual bodies, souls and spirit being. We acknowledge, Father, that we have sinned against You and against heaven, and we come asking You to remember us in mercy as we come to open our hearts before You.

Father, You are our portion, our refuge, and our deliverer and admit that without You cannot do a thing, and we need Your help to deliver us from the deceptive schemes of our enemies.

Lord, only You can rescue us from the plots that are being devised by the evil one and his cohorts against us as humankind, and we admit that we are full of pride and righteous indignation and that we are an idolatrous and rebellious people who have turned from Your ways, and we ask for Your forgiveness, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we pray that we as Your people will humbly come before Your throne room of mercy and grace so we can receive mercy and grace in time of need, and we are in great need in this hour.

Father, You are the Supreme Judge and in judging us, O God, judge us with Your justice according to our righteousness in Christ Jesus, and not in and of ourselves, for there is no flesh that will glory itself before You.

Father, You are our defense and our refuge and our hearts trust in You for You the God who alone can save those who are upright in God. Father God, You are a righteous judge, and Your justice, righteousness, and truth always goes before Your Holy Face.

Father, we repent on behalf of our leaders in our nations and in the church, asking You to forgive us for our prideful and rebellious ways. Forgive us Father for turning a deaf ear to the calling of Your Spirit to turn from our idolatrous and wicked ways by turning back to You while Your mercy and grace affords us the time to do so.

Father, we do not want to frustrate Your grace, so help us to come into alignment with Your will so You can establishment Your covenant here on the earth as it is in heaven.

Lord, God Almighty, You are worthy to be praised. Your Name is above all names, and how excellent and how glorious is Your Name in all the earth, whether the world likes or does not like, it is Your Name that will stand for all eternity.

Father, it is written in Your Word that we must come before like little children because a child represents the innocence and purity of our hearts. Father, when we look up and consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained and established, who are we, O God that You should be mindful of us.

Father God, You made him us a little lower than the angels, and You have crowned us with glory and honor.  You have created us to have dominion over the works of Your hands, yes, over all the various animals, the birds that fly and even those creatures that do not fly.

Father, we will praise You with all our hearts and we will tell of all Your marvelous works throughout the nations of the earth. Yes, we will rejoice and exalt Your Name, O Lord God, for You are our Creator and the Creator of the heavens and all things that are contained upon the face of the earth.

Father, we celebrate knowing that our enemies will not have the upper hand over us because what You have already spoken has been already settled in heaven, in other words, “It is finished!” Thank You, Father, that Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil and all his plots and schemes at Calvary.

The victory has already been won and the battle is Yours, and all we need to do is to place our trust in You, and You will deliver us from out of all our adversities. Our enemies will not have the victory over us because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

But the Lord shall remain and continue forever; He has prepared and established His throne for judgment.

And He will judge the world in righteousness (rightness and equity); He will minister justice to the peoples in uprightness.

Lord, we thank You, for being a refuge and a high tower for the oppressed, a refuge, and a stronghold in times of trouble (high cost, destitution, and desperation). Father, we thank You that we who know Your Name, that we who have experienced for ourselves Your mercy and grace will seek and inquire of You the answers that we need, because You are our source and our strength, our ever-present help in times of need.

Father, we thank You for being the Ruling and Reigning Champion for the poor and needy. Thank You, Father, that though the answer may tarry, that as long as we place our hope and trust in You, the answer will come at a time when it is least expected.

So, Father, we thank You, that the kingdoms of this world will become Your Kingdoms and of Your Christ, and You shall reign on the earth for a thousand years, and before all has been said and done, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess of things in heaven, on the and under the earth, that Jesus is Lord.

And for this we will not fail to give You the thankfulness, praise and worship that is due Your Holy Name both now and forevermore, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.