Feeling Tangled Up

God as a Gardener

Chaste Tree Flower

Photograph is Chaste tree flower in St. John Lutheran Bible Garden

Bible Reference: Genesis 22:1-19.

Isaac was the son that God promised Abraham and Sarah – the son through whom all the peoples of the earth would be blessed. When Isaac was about 16 years old, God commanded Abraham to take Isaac to the region of Mount Moriah and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.

Abraham didn’t hesitate or question God’s command. Early the next morning, Abraham, Isaac, and two servants started walking toward Mount Moriah. As Abraham and Isaac walked together, Isaac asked his father where the lamb was for the burnt offering. Abraham responded that God would provide the lamb.

When they reached Mount Moriah, Abraham built an altar, arranged wood on it, and bound Isaac on top of the wood. Abraham picked up his knife, prepared to slay Isaac. At the last minute, the angel of…

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Uniquely U Designed 4 Purpose

Uniquely U Designed 4 Purpose.

 The lives of every human being that lives upon the face of this planet earth really do matter, but when it comes to Jesus, it really doesn’t matter what the people say because there’s something mighty sweet about the Lord ….

He is Creator

He is Alpha and Omega

He is the I Am that I Am

He is the Breath of Life

He is the Bread of Life

He is the Resurrection and the Life

And no one can save us like Jesus can …

Jesus is the Lover of our souls and since He first loved us, then how much more should He be the Alpha and Omega in all that we say, do and think. We are striving towards perfection in a world that is full of imperfections, but God said He will always be with us no matter what.

Our Father in heaven uses ordinary people like you and me, but when He puts His super on our natural, then our ordinary becomes a super extraordinary through Him. Let us not allow anyone to put us into their mold, but, instead, allow God to mold and shape us into the person that He wants us to be.

The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman and will not coerce or force anything into doing something they do not want to do. Because if He were to force someone to do anything against their will, then He would violate one of His very own principles. Since our God will not break His own rule to get His own way, then how much more should we step to one side and say, “Holy Spirit have Your way!”

We serve an Unlimited God who intimately knows and will provide our every need. Questions: What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Do they fit into what God has planned for you, or are you planning your own future? Learn to see yourself as God sees you and then you will begin to see God’s plan for your future.

Take the time out to view things from God’s perspective and I can guarantee you that you will begin to see yourself as God wants you to be according to His divine will, plan and purpose for your life. As the pieces of the puzzle come together to form a complete picture, begin to see yourself as that “Uniquely U” in God’s purpose. You are a one of a kind Designer’s Original and there is no one else like you.

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