Yes, church be true to thyself …

Truth in Palmyra

As we continue our morning devotional series on revival, I continue to search for other resources from other sources which might help in our study. Thought this article was very thought provoking.

By Tom Schreiner, courtesy of Credo Magazine:

As Christians we should be responsible citizens and vote. It is especially important to vote on the great moral issues of our day, like abortion. Historians look back on what the Nazis did to the Jews with horror, and we can easily be dulled to the relentless murder of babies in our culture. Abortion is the great moral issue of our time. And those who fail to see this reveal their own moral blindness.

But we must never put our faith in politics or any political party. The City of Man will never become the City of God. We should do our civic duty, and if you are called to…

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