“Heart Problems”… | The True Light…

“Heart Problems”… | The True Light…

a heart 1(Jeremiah 17:9)

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

These are the words of the priest and prophet, Jeremiah, whose life and service to God is quite a story in itself. They were probably written sometime during his ministry which spanned from about 626-586 B.C. Sadly, even as long ago as this observation was made, it is still an accurate revelation concerning people in our world today.

What’s more, the ailment remains as incurable by the human hand as ever before! But here’s a thought for us to ponder. So much of the difficulty we have with trespasses in our lives doesn’t actually begin with the onset of temptation.

Of course, scripture tells us that we are enticed into sin by our own lust, (James 1:14). But while wrongdoing is set aflame by the sparks of temptation, the true origin of this “cause and effect” mechanism lies at a bit deeper level within us.

There’s an old saying which goes like this: “Sin is a “heart” condition!” In other words, the reason we are carried away by the temptations we encounter is because we are placing our personal wants and desires ahead of the Lord’s. Our heart is playing tricks on our minds, and the evil one is pulling the strings!

We may say we live according to God’s will…we may even believe that’s exactly what we are doing! However, if we find our struggles with sin are just as bad or even worse as we go along in our Christian walk, we may have this “heart” condition which needs to be addressed…

If we honestly and objectively look within ourselves, and find that this may apply to us, then what can we do about it? As Jeremiah says in our text, the deceitful heart is “beyond cure.”

Well that may be true as far as humans are concerned. But nothing is impossible with the Lord,(Luke 1:37)! If we commit this problem of imposing our wants and desires above our Lord’s in prayer to Him, He will help us with eliminating it.

It may not happen instantly, and may take quite a bit of work on our part. But we can eventually bring our thoughts and actions into a corresponding position with our Almighty Father’s. In fact, this is our Christian duty to place the word and will of our Lord at the head of our lives, (Galatians 2:20, John 3:30).

This is not because God just wants to “rule over us” and tell us what to do, although He has every right if He wanted to. No, we must live according to His commands, out of a sincere desire to love and please Him. God’s direction will only serve to enrich and lift up our lives to heights we can only find through our Lord!

Is there a growing problem with temptations and sin in your life? The truth is we all have times when the strength of our faith may “wax and wane” to some degree. In the weaker moments, we may be developing the “heart condition” we have been discussing here.

Turn to the Lord in trust and prayer and ask for help! He loves us and wants to help with this problem and with any of the trials we face in life!

Call on the love of the Father today…

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