Praying Psalms 32 – 33

Blessed be the Lord God of heaven and earth who causes us to prosper in all our ways for His Name’s Sake, Amen …

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

imagesFather God, we thank You for the atoning sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. Yes, Father God, blessed are they who trust in Your Son whom You sent to die for the sins of the world. Father, we thank You for sending Jesus who came as a Living Sacrifice so that we can be forgiven our transgressions through the covering of the blood atonement that was made for our benefit.

Father God, we thank You that it is only because of the Sacrificial Lamb of God who was willing to pour out His Life for us that we were cleansed from our iniquities. Jesus, when He died on the cross Father carried the responsibility of our guilt and shame so that He can proclaim us as innocent before Your throne room of Mercy and Grace.

Lord God, we are thankful that we can come humbly to bow before You…

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