Let Us Worship and Praise the God of Our Salvation | Psalms 98 – 99

Father, we praise You for a new day that is filled with mercy and grace just waiting on us to call upon Your Holy Name. Father God, today we re-dedicate our hearts unto You by repenting for offending You, Your Kingdom, Your people and those who need to return back to Your Kingdom whether we were or were not aware of having done so, and we ask You to forgive and have mercy upon us one more time, by Your grace and in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

imagesHallelujah, let us proclaim together the beauty of our God and let us worship and bow down before His Holy Throne in the beauty of Holiness.

Father God, we praise and worship You, for You have done and are continuing to do great and marvellous things before our very eyes. Help us, Lord God, to look again so that we can see You again as river that brings refreshment to our souls.

Father God, we thank You, that we You give us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ according to the mighty power of Your Holy Spirit who works from within. And as we allow Your Holy Spirit to work within, O Lord our God, we shine with Your glory on the outside one day at a time.

Father God, we will leap as the deer and shout for joy as we break forth as instruments covered in Your righteousness…

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