Beth and Gimel | Psalm 119 Parts 2 and 3 / 22

imgresBeth (Verses 9 – 16):

Father, we praise and worship You for being our God, who in the beginning, created us in Your image and likeness.

Thank You, Father God, for wanting us to be a part of Your family, thank You, Father God, that we are Yours and You are ours.

Father, we take instruction in Your Word as it is written Psalm 119:9 that we may ‘cleanse our ways by obeying Your Word with all of our hearts.

Father, we ask for the leading and guidance of Your Holy Spirit to help keep us to keep our eyes straight ahead, that we turn not to left or the right unless we hear Him specifically tell us to do.

Father God, help to make righteous judgments which will help us to see things from Your perspective.

Father, our hearts will rejoice in Your, for all the goodness and mercy You extend to us as Your Children.

Father, help us to keep Your ways, to obey Your will so that we may delight ourselves in Your commands as we contemplate Your ways.

Gimel (Verses 16 – 24):     Image result for Gimel

Father, we thank You Lord God, that You desire that we may prosper in thought, word and deed as well as being financially so that You may establish Your covenant on the earth.

Father, open our eyes that we may see and our ears that we may hear what You have to say to us as Your people for such a time as this.

Father, we desire that You not hide Yourself from us, but instead reveal Yourself to us in a new, brighter and refreshing way.

Lord God, we ask You to burn out any blindness that is preventing us to see the error of our ways so that we can make amends with You.

Cleanse us with Your Holy Fire Lord God, to consume out of us everything that would hinder our relationship with You, and replace them with Your godly and divine attributes.

Father, we believe Your Word which is Your voice is Truth and the Truth will always set us free.

Father, we thank You for Your Son, and our Lord, Jesus Christ, as well as Your Holy Spirit who counsels us in the way we should go, and for this we will not fail to give You the praise and the glory, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.