Daleth and He | Psalm 119:25 – 40 | Parts 4 and 5 / 22

imgresDaleth: Verses 25 – 32

Lord God Almighty, we approach You in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, and we come to thank You for being our God and for reviving us in the mist our struggles with a word of encouragement for the hope we have in You through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Father, we thank You for hearing and responding to our prayer needs. Father, we ask You to teach us Your ways and impart unto us the way we should go with Your wisdom, and knowledge.

Help us Lord to understand Your precepts, because life can become so overbearing at times. Thank You, Lord, that You are with us and will revive the hearts of those who will seek You as their source and strength.

Help us walk upon the path of truth and keep our hearts pure from lying vanities which are so subtle. Father God, we choose to walk upon the path of righteousness in faith, believing in do so that You will enlarge our hearts to understand what it truly means to place our hopes and future in You.

He: Verses 33 – 40     HEI

Father, teach us Your ways, O Lord, that we may keep them until the end of our days as we walk out lives here on this earth. Help us to observe and keep You spiritual laws that are written upon the tablets of our hearts.

Help us to walk upon and keep to the path which You have laid out before us so that we may rejoice in You as we incline our hearts to Your testimonies.

Father, help us to look unto to You and Your ways continually so that our eyes will not desire to want to see worthless and vain things that the world may have to offer.

Lord, let revival begin in our hearts so that You can establish Your Word to us who desire to devote our lives to You and to respectfully and reverently revere You for who You are.

Father, we welcome You to come with Your Holy Consuming Fire to cleanse all unrighteousness that is within our hearts and replace those vacant areas with Your holiness and righteous ways.

Father, we choose to run to the fire, not from it, for only You can satisfy the hunger and desire that are in our hearts. Revive our hearts in Your righteousness for Your glory we pray, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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