Yod and Kaph | Psalm 119:73 – 88

You” Verses 73 – 80

Father, we thank You, that You formed and fashioned us with Your holy hands. Give us understanding, Lord, that we may come to know and learn Your ways.

searchThank You, Father, that those who honor and respect Your Name and have a living hope through Jesus Christ our Lord will rejoice when we gather together with the great congregation in Your courts.

Thank You, Father, that Your are righteous in all Your judging and that You justly with equity chastise us as Your children because You love us with an everlasting love.

Father, we pray that You will extend Your merciful kindness toward us knowing that we will be comforted according to Your Living Word.

Help us Father to live our lives with a pure heart and clean hands that we may be proven blameless at the appearing of Jesus Christ our Lord upon whom we will bow to bless and praise Your holy Name.

Kaph: Verses 81 – 88    search

Father, we bless Your Name and we thank You for sending Jesus to come to save ‘that’ which was lost.

Father, we were once a part of the ‘that’ which was lost but know we are born again in You by Your Spirit through the Light of Christ who lives in us.

Father God, we thank You for the living hope which we have through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Father, we thank You, for taking the cloudiness, those spiritual cataracts that once impaired our vision thus preventing us from seeing who You are through the Light of Christ.

Father, we need to be reminded about how frail life is and that our days are like a vapor that soon disappears.

Help us to walk upright and humbly before You and revive us again according to Your loving-kindness and testimonies and for this we will not fail to give You the praise and the glory, in Jesus’ glorious Name we pray, Amen.

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