Lamed and Mem | Psalm 119:89 – 104 | Part 12 and 13 / 22

imgresLamed: Verses 89 – 96

Father, we are eternally grateful to You for who You are. We are a thankful people who believe that Your Word is forever settled in heaven and that Your faithfulness endures to all generations.

Father, it was You who established the earth and it abides to this day according to Your divine ordinances. Father, we thank You for Your guidance for without which, O Lord, we probably would not even be existing here on the earth this days.

Father, help us we pray never to stray from Your Spirit, for without Him we might as well pack our suitcase right now and take a back seat. Father, it is by Your very Word of Life that we live and move and have our being.

Thank You, Father, that when we observe Your ways and freely submit our wills to Your will and in obedience and according to Your will, no weapon formed against shall prosper.

Father, we thank You for Jesus who instructed us in Matthew 5:48 to strive for perfection as You are our Father who is perfect in all Your ways.

Mem: Verses 97 – 104     images

Father, thank you so much for loving us so much that You sent Jesus to rescue us from ourselves, and since You showed Your love toward us in such a manner, then should we also love You above all persons, places or things.

Father, we love Your Word, for Your Word is truth and it is Your truth that sets us free. We thank You, Father, for sending Your Holy Spirit of Truth who leads and guides us according to Your truth.

Thank You, Father, that Your Holy Spirit is our Teacher, and with Him we gain more understanding concerning who You and Jesus are to us than the world could possibly ever begin to explain.

Father, help us by Your Spirit, we pray, to stay focused by keeping our fight on the Path called Righteousness. Father, we ask You to bring balance to our lives so our feet will not slip or cause us to stumble.

Help us to abide by Your Word in so that we may walk in Your Ways with integrity before a world who needs Jesus.

Father, Your Words are sweeter than the honeycomb. Help us we pray to lean on You instead of leaning on our own understanding for Your eternal glory we pray, in the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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