Nun and Samek | Psalm 119:105-120 | Part 14 and 15 / 22

imagesNun: Verses 105 – 112

Father, we thank You, that Your Word is a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path. Father, we ask You in the Name of Jesus by Your Spirit to help us to keep our feet upon the path called righteousness lest we should stray and wander into unknown territory.

Father, we ask You to revive our hearts according to Your Living Word, and we pray You will accept the freewill offerings of our mouths and that You will accept the meditations of our hearts.

Lord, teach us ways that we may be worthy to be counted blameless at Your appearing. Father, we place our lives and the lives of our family into Your hands, for You are our Creator and You know what is best for us.

Yes, Father, it is a fearful things to be in the hands of You who is the Living God, but it is far better to allow You to do the work You deem necessary in our lives by placing ourselves into Your hands.

Father, Your testimonies delight our hearts, for they are our eternal inheritance in You. Help us to incline our hearts to delight to do Your will that all may be well with us as our souls prosper for Your eternal glory.

Samek: Verses 113 – 120     images

Father, Your Word instructs that the ways of the double-minded person are not to be trusted, be our Hiding Place and our Shield, we pray, because by our own free will, we place our hope and trust in You.

Father, we thank You, that You are ever ready to perform Your Word concerning us and they shall accomplish all that You sent them to do. Father, let us not be led into temptation, but deliver us from the plots and schemes of the evil predators that roam this world.

Father, we thank You, that in Jesus, we are in a Place of Safety with Him, because Christ is the Cleft of the Rock, our Sure Foundation and our Chief Cornerstone. Help us, Father to observe and to obey Your Word in all that we do and think, so that all will go well with us and our households.

Father, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord our God who is our Great and Good Shepherd until the very end of our days, and Father, we ask You to not take Your Spirit from us ever, for Your eternal glory in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

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