Praying Through Proverbs | Part 3

Father, we thank You, that through Jesus we have the awesome privilege that we can call You our Abba. Father, help us to keep Your ways, for as we honor You, we will live long on the earth and peace will be added to us.

imagesFather, we pray that mercy and truth will not forsake us, so we will bind them around our necks and write them upon the tablets of our hearts, and in doing so, we will obtain favor with You, and You in turn, will give us favor with man.

Father, help us to place our trust in You at all times rather than to lean on our own understand, for when our ways acknowledge You, then You guide and direct us in the way we should go.

Father, help us to walk upright and humbly before, for You will prosper us with health and prosperity physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Help us, Father, to honor first with all that we have, and then You will bless, sanctify, and supply our every need.

Father, although chastisement is painful, we thank You so much for correcting and discipling us, because of Your great love for us.

Father, help us to seek wisdom, and in seeking wisdom, we will gain understanding. Father, Your wisdom is so priceless, that it cannot be purchased with gold, silver or precious gems of any kind.

Father, we thank You seeking You for Your Wisdom gives assures us that we will have long life. When we honor Wisdom, then Wisdom will honor us, for Your Wisdom is pleasant.

Father, we thank You, that when we walk in Your Wisdom, our paths are filled with peace, for Wisdom is a Tree of Life to all who would take hold of her and will bring joy to all who uphold her ways.

Father, we thank You, that by Your Wisdom, You founded the earth, that by Your understanding, You established the heavens, and by Your Knowledge, the depths were broken up and the clouds drop their dew.

Father, help us to keep sound wisdom and discretion, for they will be life to our souls, grace about our necks, and as we walk, our feet will not cause to stumble or fall.

Father, we thank You, that our sleep will be peaceful, and when our enemies come against us, we can be assured that You will be there for us. Father, help us to help others, and in doing so, we will receive help when needed.

Father, we thank You, that Your secret counsel is with the upright, and that You bless the homes of the just.

Father, we thank You, that You give grace to the humble and give favor to those who will seek You in all their ways for Your eternal glory, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

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