Jesus Has All Authority … | The Earthly and Hevenly Sanctuary | 9 / 13

Father, we thank You, that Christ accomplished all things by completely conquering death, hell and, the grave, thus annihilating and destroying the works of Satan and his cohorts once and for all. Father, we thank You, that even though it is appointed for humankind to die once, but since Christ who was once offered, bore the sins of many, and there remains no more sacrifices for sins.

Father, we who have this blessed assurance, that when Christ returns, He (Christ) will appear a second time, not to die for our sins, but He comes for our salvation, and will sit upon His (Christ’s) throne as King of Kings and Lord of Lords for His (Christ’s) millennial (1000 year) reign.

Thank You Jesus, for being our soon and coming conquering King who will rule over all the nations, and in Your Name, Lord Jesus, we pray, Amen