Hannah’s Song

Father, we thank You, that before all has been said and done, You will bring our enemies low, and nothing or no one will stop Your plans or purposes to bring back Your sons and daughters who want to return back home to You.

Father, we thank You, that You will strengthen and enable us by Your Spirit for the days which are ahead, thereby, empowering us to stand in the evil day, and when we have done all that we could do, what remains for us to do, is to stand our ground and allow You to have Your way, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Daily QuotesFather, we come in agreement with Hannah’s song and sing that our hearts are overwhelmed, for You have all power over our enemies because You are the God of our salvation.

Lord God Almighty, there is none who are holy like You, there is none other besides You and neither is there any rock like our God for You are our Rock.

Father, help us to remain humble before, and forbid that the spirit of pride and arrogance not come out of our mouths, for You are the Lord of God who all who is perfect in Your knowledge, and by You, O Lord, are our actions weighed.

History itself proves that the bows of the mighty men were broken and that who walk upright and honest before You with confession and admission upon their lips will be built up and strengthened by Your Spirit.

Father, we will sow what…

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