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Healed from Paralysis: Name: RAJIREDDY

My name is Rajireddy, and I came from Hindu background. I suffered from paralysis on my right hand which prevented me from functioning properly at my place of employment, and because of that I was not able to feed my family due to the paralysis in my right.

I was not able to buy food for my family because of the paralysis which prevented being from obtaining employment.

I had invested much time and finances seeking out medical doctors, including seeing specialist at the hospital in Hyderabad, who said the cost of my operation would be 3.5 lakhs, but there was no guarantee that the operation would help cure my paralysis.

I felt absolutely hopeless at this point in my life, because I had sought out all those I though had the answer to cure my condition, but nothing happened, and considering all that I was going through as well as not being able to support my family, my heart just welled up with tears as I returned to my village in Chalwai.

The very next week my mother said me that one brother is coming to our village whose name is Pastor Brother Sunil Jannu, who under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, who prays for those suffering from sickness and diseases with many being healed by the power of the Spirit after he (Pastor Sunil) prays.

My mother insisted that I attend the prayer metering where Pastor Sunil Jannu was holding a healing service in a small hut.

Due to the way I was feeling about all the medical expenses that I had paid out to doctors who were not able to help me, I was refusing to attend the prayer meetings, but under the insistence of both my wife and my mother, I agreed to attend one service.

After the evening prayer meeting, my mother introduced me to Pastor Sunil to explain to him about my medical condition. Pastor Sunil received me with much love and shared the love of Jesus Christ with me.

Pastor Sunil anointed me with oil, which is used a point of contact only, for there is no power in the oil itself, and he (Pastor Sunil) applied it to my right hand.

After Pastor Sunil prayed for me and he said: “believe in Jesus for there is nothing impossible with God

I returned to my home, and on the same day night, I sensed something was happening in my body and that I was feeling some relief from my pain.

Time: 22:50 Date: 29-10-2015

I attended three Sunday prayer meeting and on the fourth prayer meeting I was absolutely astounded when I discovered that I was incredibly and totally healed from my paralysis in my right hand.

Now, I am able to fully function where I am employed and provide for my family.

The hearts and minds of my entire family have been changed towards the Lord, and eventually, I made the best decision of my life and decided to follow Jesus, but not just I, but my entire family also accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives and received eternal salvation by the grace of God.

Healed of Stomach Tumors: Name: Yellamma

My name is Suvarthamma, and I suffered with 3 tumors in my stomach. I saw many medical doctors in from various hospitals, who failed to cure my tumors, so I made a decision to attend Pastor Sunil’s prayer meetings, and after praying and fasting for three days the God totally healed me in Jesus’ Name.

Raised from Death: Name: Neethu

My name is Surender, and my daughter, Neethu, had a problem in her heart. Suddenly and without warning, my daughter’s breathing had stopped, and we thought she was going to die, for she had stopped breathing for twenty-five minutes, and when Pastor Sunil prayed for my daughter, she started

to breathe again, slowly at first, but with all my heart I can give God the praise and glory, because He has totally healed my daughter, and thanks to Him, my daughter is alive today

Low Blood Platelets: Name: Sujatha

My name is Venkatreddy, and my wife’s name is Sujatha. One day my wife became seriously sick, so I rushed her to hospital, and upon the completion of the tests, the doctors said told me that my wife is low on blood platelets and is in critical condition.

Immediately I went to be with my wife at the Khamenei Hospital in HYD. It charged me more than two lakhs at that hospital, but the doctors could not guarantee that they could save her life.

Eventually, I attended Pastor Sunil’s prayer meeting, and I chose to place all my hope in God no matter what happened to my wife, because I believe in Jesus alone, and He is her Healer. After fasting and praying for three days, God had wonderfully and totally healed my wife, and today her blood platelets are normal and I give praise and glory to God for her healing in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Healed from a Tumor in the Brain Name: Blessy

My name is Vijay, my daughter; Blessy had a brain tumor since birth. The medical doctors could not give me any hope that my daughter would live, so I approached Pastor Sunil, and after Pastor prayed for my daughter, and by the grace of God my daughter is completely healed in Jesus’ Name, and I thank Pastor Sunil for being there so God could heal my daughter through him

Healed from Aids: Name: Soma Narsamma

My name is Soma Narsamma, and I was very near death as was suffering from Aids which was in its final stages, and my relatives in desperation had taken me to Pastor Sunil who was holding a pray and fasting, service for forty days , and on the thirty-eight, I received my healing.

I went back to the hospital to confirm my healing, and all my tests showed that, indeed, I have been totally healed by the power of God who touched me through Pastor Sunil. I chose to be baptized by Pastor Sunil in the Name of Jesus, and today, by the grace of God alone, I can stand her and testify that it is because of the grace of God that I am still alive today.

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