The Treasure of Friendship

May the God of peace be with you and yours as we come to close another year and by His mercy and grace, we will launch forward together to face another New Year … Shalom 🙂

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


The treasure of friendship cannot be measured or weighed in silver or gold …

The treasure of friendship cannot be found to be wanting or lacking when being weighed in the balance …

The treasure of friendship is not found in a handshake with a pat on the back; nor is it found in a wave and a smile, or even a hug.  however, the treasure of friendship can be measured by what is truly evident in the heart …

Although the treasure of friendship cannot be found in works lest any should boast, the treasure of friendship can be demonstrated when reaching out to a friend in need with true motives of the heart through words and deeds …

For example: the breaking of bread with another person is an outward demonstration between two parties sending a message that they want to be friends no matter what happens or…

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2 thoughts on “The Treasure of Friendship

  1. Great post Pauline… just thought I’d repost my comment here:

    A great and needed reminder of true friendship. Thanks so much!
    To be called a friend of Go – talk about the greatest of treasures.

    Happy Holidays & Stay Blessed.

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    1. Amen … what a treasure indeed, to be called a ‘friend of God’ … what manner of love is this … May the sweet aroma of His presence rest upon you and your family during this Christmas season … 🙂

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