Roaming with Romans | Part 1

Pauline wrote: “Father, we approach You, in the Name of Jesus, that if there is anyone who reads this message, and are in need of a Savior, that You will make a way for them to receive Your Son, Jesus, into their hearts.”

Holy Spirit, we ask You to protect” those whose eyes need to be enlightened through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Father, we ask that You to make a way to reach anyone who needs Your Son right here and right now while it is yet called day, then let it be so, for Your glory and honor we pray, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


Father in heaven, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You that by the  power of Your Holy Spirit we are able to present our requests before You as we remember one another through prayer.

Father, we pray a spirit of encouragement will fall upon Your people, for we are not  ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for He is the power of God by whom we have been reconciled back to You through His blood atonement on our behalf (See Habakkuk 2:4).

Father, we thank You, that the blood of Jesus justifies those of us who have placed our trust and faith in Him as our Lord, God, Savior, and Master who rules and reigns over kingdom, tribe, nation, and tongue.

And we, who are justified through Your Son’s blood atonement on our behalf, must live by faith, for faith is not an option, it is a requirement.

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