The Corinthian Challenge | Part 3

Pauline wrote: Father, we thank You that there is no temptation overtaken us except that which is common to man, for You are faithful Father to deliver us from them all, thereby, making a way of escape for us to stand our ground.”

“Now, Father, we pray that we may pursue peace with all men and with holiness, for without which we will not see You, for You another and glory we pray, in Jesus’ Name, Amen (See Hebrews 12:14).”

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


Father, we worship You and give You all the glory and honor that is due to Your Holy Name. Father, we thank You that Your Word is absolute truth, has all authority, and is the Yes and Amen over any opinions that man may have about who You are or whose we are.

Father, we thank You, for in the beginning, You created us male and female, and in creating us male and female, You gave us the give of procreation by intimate mean through the confines of marriage.

Father, we thank You as women, for our spouses, and in our heart of hearts, Father, we know that we know our spouses love us as Christ loves the Church, for we are co-equal heirs together by Your grace through faith in Christ Jesus, who is our Lord, God, Master and Savior above all.

Father, the male spouse does have the…

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