Peter’s Speech: This Man Jesus

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22 All of you Israelites, listen to my message: it’s about Jesus of Nazareth, a man whom God authenticated for you by performing in your presence powerful deeds, wonders, and signs through Him, just as you yourselves know.

23 This man, Jesus, who came into your hands by God’s sure plan and advanced knowledge, you nailed to a cross and killed in collaboration with lawless outsiders.

24 But God raised Jesus and unleashed Him from the agonizing birth pangs of death, for death could not possibly keep Jesus in its power… (See Psalm 16:8-11)

29 My fellow Israelites, I can say without question that David our ancestor died and was buried, and his tomb is with us today.

30 David wasn’t speaking of himself; he was speaking as a prophet. He saw with prophetic insight that God had made a solemn promise to him: God would put one of his descendants on His throne.

31 Here’s what David was seeing in advance; here’s what David was talking about—the Anointed One would be resurrected.

Think of David’s words about Him not being abandoned to the place of the dead nor being left to decay in the grave. 32 He was talking about Jesus, the One God has raised, whom all of us have seen with our own eyes and announce to you today.

33 Since Jesus has been lifted to the right hand of God—the highest place of authority and power—and since Jesus has received the promise of the Holy Spirit from the Father, He has now poured out what you have seen and heard here today.

34 Remember: David couldn’t have been speaking of himself rising to the heavens when he said, The Master said to my master “Sit here at My right hand, in the place of honor and power,35 And I will gather Your enemies together, lead them in on hands and knees, and You will rest Your feet on their backs” (Psalm 110:1)

36 Everyone in Israel should now realize with certainty what God has done: God has made Jesus both Lord and Anointed King—this same Jesus whom you crucified (Acts 2:22-36, The Voice Bible).

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