For Moral Clarity: Obey God Not Man


25 Just then, someone arrived with this news:

Temple Messenger: You know those men you put in prison last night?Well, they’re free. At this moment, they’re at it again, teaching our people in the temple!

26 The temple police—this time, accompanied by their captain—rushed over to the temple and brought the emissaries of the Lord to the council. They were careful not to use violence, because the people were so supportive of them that the police feared being stoned by the crowd if they were too rough.

27 Once again the men stood before the council. The high priest began the questioning.

High Priest: 28 Didn’t we give you strict orders to stop teaching in this name? But here you are, spreading your teaching throughout Jerusalem. And you are determined to blame us for this man’s death.

Peter and the Apostles: 29 If we have to choose between obedience to God and obedience to any human authority, then we must obey God.

30 The God of our ancestors raised Jesus from death. You killed Jesus by hanging Him on a tree, 31 but God has lifted Him high, to God’s own right hand, as the Prince, as the Liberator. God intends to bring Israel to a radical rethinking of our lives and to a complete forgiveness of our sins.

32 We are witnesses to these things. There is another witness, too—the Holy Spirit—whom God has given to all who choose to obey Him.

33 The council was furious and would have killed them; 34 but Gamaliel, a Pharisee in the council respected as a teacher of the Hebrew Scriptures, stood up and ordered the men to be sent out so the council could confer privately (To be Continued Acts 5:25-34, TVB).

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