Why I Must Get Back 2 Praying 4 You


When I first began to blog, my heart’s purpose was to pray for the nations and their needs both publicly and privately, but somehow and somewhere along this journey, I strayed from my sole purpose for blogging in the first place, which was to pray.

I desired that God will bless others in knowing that they are being prayed for, no matter who they were or what part of this world they live in.

To me praying not just for leaders of nations to have their eyes opened from darkness to light, and to be set free from being under the influence of Satan and his cohorts, but to also pray for souls no matter who they are.

My prayer is that souls will come to the saving knowledge about who Jesus Christ, so that they may know the truth of who He His, His purpose for coming, and where He sits today.

I am a very inexperienced writer who is attempting to write a booklet on prayer, and would appreciate you praying for me as I undertake such an adventure which is totally new for me.

But this I do know, that with the help of the Holy Spirit, all things are possible 🙂

This much I can tell you is that the the Title of the Booklet is called: “Fountains of Praise,” and would also like to include you through your prayer needs. Help me to help you by praying for you.

And  since my posts will be few and far in between, I just want you to know that I am praying for you 🙂 Selah!

God bless you 🙂