Live, love and learn!


“If you look back over your life,
the times you really grew, you came up higher, you developed a greater confidence—
those weren’t the good times, when everything was going great.
It was the times when you hit a bump in the road.
God used that to refine you, to make you better.”

– Joel Osteen Ministries

Photo credit: Yvonne Bevan Johnson on Facebook

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Source: Live, love and learn!

Can you See The Signs?

With the recent natural disasters, including Earthquake in Nepal and Volcano in Chile, you have to wonder whether the end is near. All the things Jesus foretold us would happen are going on right now at an alarming rate. But still is anyone listening? Is anyone stopping to pray to God and ask for mercy and redemption? Is anyone preparing for the return of Jesus Christ?

Source: Can you See The Signs?