A Testimony and A Prayer


Father God, thank You for bringing back to my remembrance of how You saved my life that day as I had to put a suddenly put on the brakes of the motorcycle that I was riding upon. Father God, I truly thought my time was up that day, when, because of having to put the brakes of the bike on so suddenly, that I saw myself go over those handlebars and do a 360 degree flip,

but somehow, I was miraculously straightened out on my side, and was safely landed to the ground by the guiding hands of angels on assignment on my behalf that day, and I landed as if I were a baseball playing who was sliding in to make to home base.

Lord God, thank You, for position my sister, Jonette (not the correct spelling I know), but I do remember her today and I thank You for her life. Father God, thank You for sending as I saw what looked like to be white sheet coming down from heaven as my sister came over to tend to my need.

Lord, I was miraculously able to stand up by Your mercy and grace, and as I did so, I heard a female voice say, “Look she got up!” Father, that was You, and my heart doesn’t know how to adequately express how to thank You, because it goes way beyond what any word can describe, but I am here today to say “thank You Lord God, for saving my life that day.”

Thank You, Lord God, that I was able to be at peace with the senior, who was not able to see me coming due to the sun that was glaring in his eyes. He was genuinely concerned, and truly sorry for what happened as it was evident by both his composure and the truthfulness that was coming from his


Thank You, Father, that after talking to him for a little while, I was able to advise to him to buy some shades that could fit over his lenses as he was wearing prescription glasses, so I could understand how the sun blinded him, because this kind gentlemen could not see me coming.

And Lord, I want to thank You for saving me the night I took a deck on the bike I was riding due to having one drink too many, I blacked out, but God, all I can say is, “but God.” I have a nose that is ¼ inch out of socket Lord, but hey,

I would rather have this as a reminder to thank You for being the Living God in my life today who saved my life as opposed to serving the god of this world who wanted to take my life.

Thank You, Father, for all those whom You sent to meet my needs that night, and for this I will not fail to give You the praise and glory. Two bike accidents, two different occasions, one occurred before I got saved, and the second accident occurred after I was saved,

and to God be the glory for the great things He has done and will continue to do for me on my behalf, so I will give You the honor and praise that is due Your Holy Name both now and forevermore, in Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.