The Story Behind the Hymn |Saint Francis of Assisi



Saint Francis of Assisi is perhaps best known as a nature lover. You may recall the painting in which the Italian artist Giotto depicts him feeding the birds.

One writer spoke of him this way: “With smiles he met the friendless, fed the poor, freed a trapped bird, led home a child. Although he spoke no word, his text, God’s love, the town did not forget.”

A soldier in his early years, Francis resolved to imitate the life of Christ. So he renounced his wealth and founded the Franciscan Order of Friars. He and those who followed him became itinerant evangelists, preaching and helping the poor of Italy.

He wrote sixty hymns of praise and worship and encouraged church music in every way he could. The original text of this hymn was probably written by Francis during the last months of his life when he was suffering intense pain and was almost blind.

Scriptures: Psalm 145:10-11; Psalm 148:1, 7-13; Romans 11:36

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