The Story Behind The Hymn |Henry Ware


All nature continuously praises God—only humans require reminders to do so. When Henry Ware’s church in Boston prepared to dedicate its new organ, they asked Henry to write a dedicatory hymn.

As he wrote, he made sure that he did not speak of the greatness of the instrument. Instead, he emphasized the organ’s purpose: to assist Christians in the praise of God.

In a way, the hymn is reminiscent of Psalm 150, which speaks of seven or eight different musical instruments, united in the praise of God.

Thirteen times that psalm urges us to join in praise. We, too, are created for this purpose, to sing of God’s glory.

We can thank God for our church organs and the other instruments that lead us in worship.

But how often during the week do we lift our souls to God in the unaccompanied exaltation of our glorious Lord?

Scriptures: Psalm 19:1-4; Psalm 150, Romans 1:20

Themes: Creation, Nature, Praise

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