Be Thou My Vision | Mary Bryne | Eleanor Hull

This ancient 8th century hymn text from Ireland is still meaningful for us today with its expression of a yearning for the presence and leading of God in our lives.

The earnest prayer is enhanced by such quaint but tender phrases as “Lord of my heart, Thy presence my light, and heart of my heart.”

The text states that when we allow God to have first place in our lives, He becomes our treasure.  And we no longer care for the pursuit of riches or man’s praise.

The entire Irish poem was first translated into English in 1905 by Mary Bryne, in Dublin, Ireland.

Several years later, Eleanor Hull, a writer of English history and literature, [penned the prose into verse form and included it in her book of poems, The Poem Book of the Gael.

The melody for this hymn is a traditional Irish tune.

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