2Adam from Eve

imagesDear Adam,

As women, we would like you to know that you are appreciated, even though at times it doesn’t appear as if you are. We appreciate your roles as a son, father, brother, cousin or nephew, because you are God’s own handiwork created to shine after His own image and likeness.

When God spoke to us in the supernatural realm as man and womb-man before anchoring us down to the earth in the physical realm in a body fashioned with clay, He spoke to us as equals. And today He still speaks to us as co-equal heirs together by His grace. 

When God first spoke to us as man and womb-man in the supernatural realm, He chose to form and fashion you first. You then became a living soul when He breathed His Spirit breath into your nostrils that were made of clay. It was not meant for me to appear before you at the same time, because you had a work to do.

Once your heart was prepared to receive me, then and only then would God allow me to come forth so that you could see me and identify with me as one of your kind. I want you to know that I breathed, walked, and smiled with you as one when I was hidden as a rib within you. But I had to wait for the exact precise moment that God alone knew would be the right time to present me to you.

Now that we have become a hu-man in the natural realm, we had the ability to walk in both the natural and supernatural realm as man and womb-man at the same time. You were called Adam, but I was called womb-man, because God took your rib and formed me to be as one with you in mind, body and spirit.

I admit that I was the one who wandered and was seduced by the bright light and eloquent speaking words that came from the serpent’s mouth,  but this just didn’t happen overnight. The serpent cleverly twisted those words those words that God had spoken to you, and was able to deceive me into thinking that I wasn’t already like God, when in fact, I already was like God.

I lived in a perfect physical body as woman, and you lived in a perfect created body as Adam, and I want you to know that I am truly sorry for allowing myself to be deceived, thus causing you to become confused when I repeated to you those very words that were spoken between the serpent and myself. I became prideful in life, lust filled my eyes, and I chose to eat by my own free will of the forbidden fruit first.

I am asking you to forgive me for having to cause you to make a terrible decision that as hu-mans would affect our heirs for generations to come. And, today you still have the pre-eminence to make that final decision. So I pray that we as women will not put you in such a precarious position ever again by having you to make a decision that would affect generations to come concerning our bloodline. 

Adam, we are called to walk as one, and for those of us who are married, we can walk as one in the spiritual, physical, and emotional realm which we can only partake within the marriage bond. For those of us who are single, we too can walk one with you as co-equals by the grace of God, but we are not to touch, handle or taste that which is forbidden outside of the boundaries of marriage.

Forgive us as women Adam, when we have tempted you with our looks, body language of with our words to do something that would cause you to transgress against God’s laws. I know that in agreement there is unity and strength, so can we try to walk these days that remain in complete agreement about who God says we are and what He has called us to do as His children together.

Yes, Adam we slipped and fell in the garden together, and God had a heart breaking decision to make too. He could not allow us to live for all eternity in disobedience, because when sin entered in, our natural bodies began to decay. But Adam we want you to know that you are not entirely to blame, we fell together, and we’ll pick ourselves up together and we will walk as one with our heads up together if you are willing to accept the challenge.

God did us a favor, and now we are beginning to understand that once our supernatural side (spiritual side) leaves our decaying bodies, then we shall return to live eternally with our Creator, and the only way we can live with our Creator never ever to be separated from Him again is to accept His free gift of grace through faith in His Son, Jesus the Christ whom He sent to redeem us from the original sin of disobedience.

And because Jesus was willing to show us how much He loved us by laying down His life for us, because no-one had the authority or permission to kill Him unless it came from above. God demonstrated His agape love, which is a love that bypasses our faults and granted us our pardon to be reunited back to Him through His Son, then how much more should we learn to show that type of love towards one another.

God loves us Adam, and we should learn to love one another in the good times and in the bad times. Together we can do this, we need you Adams to be in your places, and you need us as Eves to be in ours. Can we as God’s sons and daughters accept the challenge to move forward with what God has planned for us as individuals and collectively as a nation. We say together we can, are you up to the challenge?

With love,

From Eve

Father Ray Kelly – Together Forever (The Wedding Song): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4cvz338vJQ




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