Let Us Pray Psalms | 50 – 51

imagesHallelujah and glory to Your Holy Name, Most Majestic High God over all creation. Lord God, You spoke and the sun rises and sets day in and day out to the very sound of Your voice. Father God, we thank You for Jesus who is the Bright and Morning Star. And like a Bridegroom who comes out of His Chambers our Lord Shines Brighter than the noon day sun.

Father God, we thank You for being our God of Righteousness, Truth and Justice with Equity. Thank You, Father God that You hear the moanings and the groanings of those who being held prisoner, being persecuted, sent out into desert places to die, the screams of men, women and children who are being tormented day in and day out mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Father God, we thank You that nothing or no one can hide from You as You sit upon the circle of the earth beholding the evil and the good. Father God, we thank You that as time draws nearer to our Savior’s return that God Lord, You once and for will destroy the works of the enemies who come against You and Your people. But Father God, we are asking You for clemency for any soul who are amongst our enemies who will bow to Jesus so that He can become Lord and Savior.

Father, we repent for not being in our places, because all of us have missed the mark and we are a work in progress just as every human being on earth is a work in progress, either for good or for evil, but the final choice of whom we will serve the right of every individual because Lord God, You would not violate the rights of Your children to exercise their free will.

Father, we thank You for the blood that Jesus said by taking up His cross for our sakes. Father, we thank You that through the atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ that we are being cleansed daily from sunrise to sunset from the east to the west and from the north to the south.

Father God, we acknowledge that we were born with an original sin which was called disobedience which we inherited through the fall of our parents, Adam and Eve in the garden, but we are asking You in Your mercy to remember, O God, that we are trapped inside a human body waiting to be released by Your Mighty Hand of Mercy.

Father, we ask You to continually create in us a clean and renew a right and steadfast spirit within us. Father, if You were to take Your Spirit away from us, we would wither and die. We need You Father, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit because without You we would not exist.

Father, we thank You that in Your presence there is fullness of joy and we are asking to You to restore us to Your Joy and Your salvation as we daily confess and admit our faults unto You, so that we in turn may teach others about the Goodness and Mercy You have shown toward us through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Lord God that the precious Blood of Christ frees us from the curse of the law. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for taking our guilt and our shame upon Your shoulders so that we can sing aloud that You are the God of our salvation and  that You are righteous and just in all Your ways.

Father, we ask for Your help to become instruments of righteousness on a second to second basis for as long as Your Spirit Breath is there to meet us as we reside on this earth. Father, we confess and admit that we stand righteous and complete in Christ Jesus, and we are grateful for what the Lord has done for us.

Father, we ask You by Your Spirit to help us to offer up our bodies as a living sacrifice in order that we may walk upright and blameless before You which is our reasonable service of worship.

And Father, help us to see things from Your point of view, for the day is coming when You will respond on behalf of all those who are being persecuted, regardless of what form it takes Father, persecution is persecution, so help us to be in our places we pray to respond to Your call, in Jesus’ Matchless Name we pray, Amen.